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Friday, July 18, 2008

Pope Warns of "Critical Juncture" for Christianity

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Some excerpts of Our Holy Father's words:

"I think you would agree that the ecumenical movement has reached a critical juncture," the leader of the world's 1.1 billion Catholics told a meeting in Sydney's St Mary's Cathedral.

"We must guard against any temptation to view doctrine as divisive and hence an impediment to the seemingly more pressing and immediate task of improving the world in which we live."

"A harmonious relationship between religion and public life is all the more important at a time when some people have come to consider religion as a cause of division rather than a force for unity," he said.

"In a world threatened by sinister and indiscriminate forms of violence, the unified voice of religious people urges nations and communities to resolve conflicts through peaceful means and with full regard for human dignity."

Let us pray in union with Our Holy Father for his stated intentions through the intercession of Sr. Marie.

Dear Sr. Marie, please pray for us that we may work for Christian unity, a harmonious relationship between religion and public life, and a unified voice of religious peoples for peace in our world. Amen.