"...for my house will be called a house of prayer for all peoples." Isaiah 56:7

"O Lord,...you have been pleased to bless this house of your servant, so that it will always remain. It is you, O Lord, who blessed it, and it will be blessed forever." 1 Chr 17: 26-27

Sr. Marie De Mandat-Grancey Foundation
P.O.Box 275
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724 USA

" I am not a priest and cannot bless them, but all that the heart of a mother can ask of God for her children, I ask of Him and will never cease to ask Him." ~ Sister Marie

“The grace of our Lord be with us forever.” ~ Sr. Marie

Thursday, September 27, 2007

St. Vincent De Paul

Happy Feast Day! On this special day when we remember the great saint who began the order to which Sr. Marie was drawn, let us ask him to work in heaven for Sr. Marie's cause. May she too be raised to the altar of Saints along with him all for the glory of God. Let us never forget nor become weary of the mission of peace for which we labor under the patronage of dear Sr. Marie. Let us also ask God's abundant blessings on the Vincentians and all Daughters of Charity that their work will always bring God's charity to this world.