"...for my house will be called a house of prayer for all peoples." Isaiah 56:7

"O Lord,...you have been pleased to bless this house of your servant, so that it will always remain. It is you, O Lord, who blessed it, and it will be blessed forever." 1 Chr 17: 26-27

Sr. Marie De Mandat-Grancey Foundation
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Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724 USA

" I am not a priest and cannot bless them, but all that the heart of a mother can ask of God for her children, I ask of Him and will never cease to ask Him." ~ Sister Marie

“The grace of our Lord be with us forever.” ~ Sr. Marie

Sunday, November 11, 2007


The EWTN programming for December lists the documentary, Mary's House: All are Invited, scheduled for Dec. 29 at 8PM, Dec 30 at 2AM and Jan.3 at 1PM.

Why not drop EWTN an email after viewing the program expressing your opinion about it and your gratitude? Please don't forget to mention Sister Marie and her tremendous contribution that makes it possible for us to even ponder the wonder of Mary's House. Maybe mention, too, how Sister Marie's dedication and sacrifice to obtain, preserve, and maintain Mary's House gives us in these times a beacon of hope for peace between the religions of the world that are experiencing such severe tension everywhere...except in Mary's House where we pray peacefully side by side to honor Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Thank you Sister Marie.

In the love of Our Lord and His Immaculate Mother,