"...for my house will be called a house of prayer for all peoples." Isaiah 56:7

"O Lord,...you have been pleased to bless this house of your servant, so that it will always remain. It is you, O Lord, who blessed it, and it will be blessed forever." 1 Chr 17: 26-27

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" I am not a priest and cannot bless them, but all that the heart of a mother can ask of God for her children, I ask of Him and will never cease to ask Him." ~ Sister Marie

“The grace of our Lord be with us forever.” ~ Sr. Marie

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our Lady's Tears

If all the estimates are somewhat accurate, then this current year of my life probably corresponds to about the same year in the life of the Blessed Mother when she was witness to her Son’s Passion. Meditating on the view from my window just before Christmas (http://srmarie-lorraine.blogspot.com/2007/12/my-lord-and-my-god.html ), I am taken by the timing of that gift to me and to the world through the exposure of this blog dedicated to Sr. Marie. And as I work for the cause of Sr. Marie, who spent her life working for the Lord and His Mother, I am beginning now to consider ever more deeply the life of Our Lady in her House at Ephesus after Pentecost. I am just about at the age when Our Lady went to Ephesus and I hope to journey with her there in spirit to learn the lessons of her Heart and her Tears. I can't help but wonder if the rest of my life too will be spent "in Ephesus" at Mary's House with Sr. Marie praying for peace and honoring Our Lady.

Sr. Marie learned of Mary’s House through A.C.Emmerich’s writings and was profoundly moved as she contemplated the quiet years of Mary’s remaining earthly life at Ephesus. Did she wonder about the mournful tears that fell day after day on that holy ground as Mary carved with her own hands the first Stations of the Cross and walked and prayed through them reliving her Son’s Passion and death? Did she know that this place must be cherished as a heavenly treasure of Mother Love for all generations to come?

This was why Sr. Marie was so divinely compelled to protect and preserve Mary’s House. It was her love for Our Lady and the knowledge that the uncountable holy Tears that fell from the eyes of the sinless Virgin in that place, when combined with the suffering of Her Son’s Redemptive Passion, were co-redemptive for all mankind. Sr. Marie’s driving force was gratitude, reverence, and love for Our Lord’s Redemptive Passion and also for Our Lady’s Tears.

It is estimated that Our Lady lived to be between 57 and 72 years old. If she was approximately 49 at the time of Jesus’ death, that means she spent many years in Ephesus meditating on Jesus’ Passion, being cared for by St. John and the early Christians, and building up the early church by her example of faith, charity, and most of all hope. The same hope that held her standing at the foot of the Cross, held her hand as she walked the Stations of the Cross…on her way to her glorious reunion with Her Son. Mary's House is about hope...hope for peace, hope for God's will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven...and especially hope that we may one day partake in the heavenly glories of Jesus.

Sr. Marie, help us to cherish this spot as you did. Help us to pray like Mary in sweet hope in the midst of the bitterness, pains, and sorrows of this life. Lead our rosaries for peace which we spiritually unite to pray in Mary’s House as we honor Mary, Mother of Jesus.

And, dear Sr. Marie, with the season of Lent right around the corner, hold our hands as we pray the Stations of the Cross along with the Mother of Sorrows whose holy hands covered with her own tears, carved the first Stations of the Cross in the back yard of her House at Ephesus. The saving power of those tears cannot be measured; a treasure beyond compare.

How can we thank you enough Sr. Marie? Thank you for cherishing Our Lady’s Tears.