"...for my house will be called a house of prayer for all peoples." Isaiah 56:7

"O Lord,...you have been pleased to bless this house of your servant, so that it will always remain. It is you, O Lord, who blessed it, and it will be blessed forever." 1 Chr 17: 26-27

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" I am not a priest and cannot bless them, but all that the heart of a mother can ask of God for her children, I ask of Him and will never cease to ask Him." ~ Sister Marie

“The grace of our Lord be with us forever.” ~ Sr. Marie

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Assumption of Mary, Hope, and Sister Marie

“The Blessed Mary left this life in Ephesus and ascended into Heaven." ~ Pope Benedict XIV (18th century)

There is a very special grace attached to Mary’s House at Ephesus, the place of the Assumption. Her Assumption gives us a glimpse of the Heaven we long for. The Assumption is about hope.

This grace is for all time but I believe in a special way for these, our times. Like never before do we need hope that peace will prevail, especially between the religions of the world. Our Lady of Medjugorje has been asking us for 25 years to pray, pray, pray for peace. Now our current Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, visits Mary’s House as one of the first pilgrimages of his pontificate. The Vicar of Christ travels to this little beacon of hope where all God’s children are welcomed by Mary, Mother of Jesus; where Muslims, Christians, and Orthodox pray together in peace and honor Our Blessed Mother.

On this Feast Day of the Assumption Our Lady, again we have reason to thank Sister Marie de Mandat-Grancey, Foundress of Mary’s House at Ephesus. For 12 years of her life she never gave up working towards saving Mary’s House. It seemed an impossible task but she had hope. God placed it on her heart. She believed in Mary’s House being the place of the Assumption long before it was declared or even talked about among the religious of her time. She knew the crucial significance of this little House of Our Lady’s Assumption and with her strong faith and nothing but hope in her heart she pursued, acquired, protected, and preserved the little place for which the Church eventually gave her the title Foundress. We can say, against all hope she assured “hope” for us all ….especially now when we are in desperate need of it.

Thank you, Sister Marie. Please pray for us as we gaze upon your legacy to the world, Mary’s House, as we spiritually enter therein with our brothers and sisters of all faiths, hearts full of hope, to pray for peace.